Quality Improvement/Quality Assurance Services

How does your business define a quality service?  How are you able to demonstrate to a customer or prospective customer that your products and services are excellent, or that your output or outcomes are the best?   There is an increasing focus and demand by state, national and international regulators and funders for evidence that proves that businesses meet or exceed certain standards for care or services.  In many circumstances, this request for proof must be provided when requesting or receiving state or federal funding or must be demonstrated on an ongoing basis for evidence to demonstrate the businesses success with outcomes and performance.   In essence, how do you prove that the service or product that you promote is as good as or better than your competitor?

Our team of staff and associates has expertise in quality improvement and corporate compliance and can assist and provide oversight for those businesses that wish to develop a quality program and design performance metrics and processes to ensure that they can achieve and exceed all standards of care and services

Available Services:

  • Assistance with development, initiation, management and monitoring of quality improvement programs for businesses
  • Assistance with development of program performance indicators, metrics, and research projects
  • Assessment and assistance with corporate risk management
  • Medical and behavioral healthcare provider clinical record audits for group practices,  organizations and payors
  • Assistance with development of corporate policies and procedures to meet and comply with state, federal and accreditation guidelines and standards
  • Assistance and consultation surrounding national accreditation efforts