Executive Administrative Services

Ray Kroc wrote and stated that “you are only as good as the people you hire”.  One of the key roles in any small or large business is the individual who is sitting in the Executive Administrative Assistant chair – it is a critical position.   Many small or medium-sized businesses cannot afford to hire a full or part-time position to assist them with these much-needed activities and find they are burdened and overwhelmed.  This, unfortunately, leads to missing out on business opportunities and can also keep a business from simply succeeding in business ventures.

EVS, LLC staff and associates have years of experience in assisting organizations succeed in business, from scheduling appointments and quickly responding to customers to making travel arrangements and planning events.

Available Services:

  • Manage business communications as requested (email; voice mail; corporate newsletters and publications)
  • Review, proofreading and editing of company documents
  • Schedule, plan and preparation of corporate meetings or events
  • Assist with surveys and reporting
  • Assist with travel planning and reservations
  • Assist with corporate research
  • Assist with creation of presentations